Albert Heijn reputation and other brands of Ahold

Albert Heijn has become a bastion in the Netherlands.

Ahold, Albert Heijn, AH – or a letter combination in any form whatsoever – is more than a supermarket chain. It is also more than one brand. Albert Heijn has become a bastion in Dutch society.
A company that stands the test of time, that survives fraud in the boardroom and that, after years of sawing on its chair legs by many discounters, still has a market share of 30 percent in the Dutch shopping market.

Albert Heijn has a tremendous reputation. Ahold operates 750 supermarkets and also has a number of convenience stores under the name AH To Go at train stations and a handful of Albert Heijn XL stores in major cities. Online shopping and shop, and brands like Gall & Gall and Etos also are part of the group. Albert Heijn stands for quality. Albert Heijn offers various classes with corresponding prices. The company stresses the dual nature of the mission: ‘The everyday affordable and accessible special. Similar to what the primal father Albert Heijn already stated: “Excellent Quality, Great Sales, Small Profits. Both the Poor and the Rich can do their shopping with me”.

Apart from Albert Heijn, Ahold is the owner of the other  iconic brands such as: , Etos,, Gall & Gall (The Netherlands), Stop & Shop, Giant and Martins (USA) or Albert and Hypernova (Eastern Europe) and Pingo Doce (Portugal).

Ahold also owns a part of ICA with a 50% partnership interest. The ICA Group is involved in food retail and wholesale marketing, supermarkets, hypermarkets, superstores and discount stores in Scandinavia.

Ahold’s Brands

Even though all brands are independent and have their own identity and market strategy, they all carry Ahold’s DNA. That translates into market leadership, strong  local presence, being  located on prime locations, selling premium products and having a long heritage.

Ahold is operating on the USA and European markets and focuses on food and supermarkets. Ahold has a very strong presence in the Northeast of the USA and 60% of the turnover comes from there. European operations are responsible for the remaining 40%.

The Ahold Company started in the year 1887 in The Netherlands. It provided what consumers wanted and needed. Until now, it is still their core duty to address the needs of their customers and to continually provide solutions.

They make it their lifetime commitment to give their customers a one of a kind shopping experience. It is part of the company’s mission to provide convenience shopping to everyone. This is the reason why they are continually growing as a company and expanding. They don’t stop strategizing and improving their ways.

Ahold keeps up with new technologies and applies innovations such as self check-out at the supermarkets (without sales assistant) or revolutionary Scan It! a mobile app, that allows shopping with the iPhone and additionally provides personalized offers based on each customer’s past purchasing history.

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Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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