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Modern Annual Reports: DSM, Philips, TenCate and Unit4

The structure, content an design of Annual Reports has changed dramatically over the past years. Instead of dry documents full of financial data, reports  now have become powerful and well designed communication tools including non-financial data as well. Internet and ...

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TenCate Sponsorships-Corporate Social Responsibility

There is no doubt that businesses these days have an obvious accountability to get involved and make contributions in a positive way in their communities. TenCate has alway had a tradition of social accountability and boasts a powerful dedication towards ...

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TenCate’s CSR Approach

Understanding the increasing stakeholders’ anticipation for corporate responsibility and accountability, TenCate developed and integrated in 2013 a proactive CSR approach and strategy that advances the transparency. The TenCate CSR strategy can be categorized into 5 sections: Triple bottom line mindset. ...

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TenCate’s Innovation Strategy

All innovative developments at TenCate typically have a technological background. Good examples are the creation of thermoplastic composite technology (TenCate Cetex®), or technological process development as a result of the application of digital inkjet technology. Innovative developments likewise derive from ...

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TenCate’s CSR and the Environment

The topic of sustainability takes a very high position in TenCate’s expansion, positioning and reporting. TenCate perceives the implementation of an incorporated sustainability strategy dedicated to bio-diversity and the company’s natural surroundings to be the most significant element of the ...

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TenCate Future Projects

Sustainable and Ground-Breaking Future TenCate programs adding CSR-related projects in the near future. The most impressive are: Factory of the Future This project is scheduled to be launched medio 2014 and is geared towards applying and implementing technological innovative developments ...

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