Excelly Awards Winners

Best Dutch Brands announces the three winners of the 2014 Excelly Awards in these categories:

  •         AEX: AkzoNobel
  •         AMX: TenCate
  •         AScX: Heijmans


Excelly Awards recognize the best designed annual reports for companies listed at the NYSE Amsterdam. Annual Reports give companies a chance to present not only financial details but also their marketing approach.

Tom Schepers The Excelly Awards says:  ” As the annual report is increasingly used as a marketing tool, you can see companies putting a lot of effort into the concept and design-execution of their report. In many cases even more than the corporate website, which might not always be a conscious choice, but nevertheless a very interesting development.”

Jury members

Excelly Awards Jury members are marketing professionals with experience in branding, design, and communication.

  • Tom Schepers: Chairman of Excelly Awards,  Creative Director and Founder of Creative Bastards,
  • Hans de Gier is a founder of SyncForce-The  Total Brand Management platform that is now used by more than 45,000 professionals who manage over 400 brands.  Hans is also a guest lecturer on strategic brand management.
  • Anouk Verhoeven, UX-researcher at Jungle Minds, digital strategy, and design. Jungle Minds is an expert agency regarding corporate reporting and is the research partner for the annual ‘Herni Sijthoff-award’ (Dutch annual award for best digital corporate reporting)\
  • Mischa Scholten has been the Art director at Creative Bastards since 2008, and he is actively engaged in the entire creative process, from front to back. From initial customer contact, creating and presenting designs, to managing the planning and implementation of the final product, Misha is involved in the entire process
  • B.E. Stanford, founder of Best Dutch Brands and the online branding strategist.

Excelly Awards Because Visual Design Matters

Annual reports are a great source of information for a wider audience than only financial analysts and long-term shareholders. Other groups include journalists, students, potential investors, strategists. Most people don’t have the time and desire to check all elements of annual reports, they just look at the most important information and want to get “a good feeling” by fast viewing the annual report. Companies that produce the best designed annual reports understand that.

The best designed annual reports will give a fast viewer enough information and will communicate the company values via visual elements. Best Dutch Brands awards these annual reports.

Why does it matter? Nowadays, people’s attention span is shorter than ever before, and therefore the popularity of presenting information in a visual way is increasing (think about Pinterest, Instagram, Infographics,)

Excelly Awards 2014 Nominees

There were 9 nominated companies:

  •         AEX category: AkzoNobel, DSM, Philips
  •         AMX category: Aalberts-Industries, Arcadis, TenCate
  •         AScX category: Besi, Heijmans, Kendrion

About Excelly Awards:

Excelly Awards was established in 2013 and then featured 9 winners.  Last year’s winners were not eligible to participate in the 2014 Excelly Awards. 2013 winners included:

  •         Aegon, Ahold, Heineken, and Unilever in the AEX category
  •         Nutreco, TKH, and Unit4 in the AMX category
  •         D.E Master Blenders 1753, Sligro Group, and Wessanen in the AScX category

Author: Jules Quaid

Jules is a researcher at Best Dutch Brands. Contact Jules if you have questions about Best Dutch Brands.

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