Excelly Awards 2014

Best Dutch Brands organizes Excelly Awards for the best designed annual reports of companies listed on the NYSE/Amsterdam. We focus on the visual side of the annual reports and how well the annual reports are aligned with branding and organizational culture.

Nominees for Excelly Awards 2014

  • AEX category: AkzoNobel, DSM, Philips
  • AMX category: Aalberts-Industries, Arcadis, TenCate
  • AScX category: Besi, Heijmans, Kendrion



We award companies that create visually attractive annual reports to communicate their business performance. Only digital versions of annual reports are reviewed

Quick facts about Excelly Awards:

  • The Excelly Awards were launched in 2013
  • In 2013 there 20 nominated companies and there were 9 winners. In 2014 Excelly edition, there are only 9 nominated companies and there will be 3 winners, one winner in each category.
  • The 2013 Excelly Awards featured these 9 winners
    • Aegon, Ahold, Heineken and  Unilever in the AEX category
    • Nutreco, TKH , Unit4 in the AMX category
    • D.E Master Blenders 1753, Sligro Group, Wessanen in the AScX category
  • Excelly Awards 2014 will feature 3 winners in each category AEX, AMX and AScX
  • Last year’s winners are not eligible
  • The list of 10 companies nominated for the 2014 Excelly Awards will be announced on 1 December.
  • The 3 winners of the 2014 Excelly Awards in each category will be announced on 16 December

What are the 2014 Excelly Awards about

Do design and creativity matter in relation to annual reports? We at Best Dutch Brands are convinced that they do. Digital annual reports are accessible to many more potential readers than just financial investors.

Job seekers, journalists, NGO’s, policy makers, and employees can easily access online reports and are all very relevant for the future wellbeing of the company. The problem is that except for the hardened professional who’s willing to dig deeper, the reports are often too burdensome to read.

But some companies use a creative design, and turn their annual reports into an effective vehicle to communicate with stakeholders; they treat their annual report like a branding opportunity.We recognize these efforts and therefore we have created the Excelly Awards.


There are 74 public companies listed on NYSE Amsterdam that publish their annual reports, and from these 74 annual reports only 15 will be the nominated for the 2014 Excelly Awards. The list of nominated annual reports will be published on 30 November.

The 3 winners of the 2014 Excelly Awards will be announced on 15 December.

The majority of annual reports readers only read portions of the report so it’s vital to

  • Identify important parts of the report by icons, pull quotes or information boxes.
  • Photographs should tell a story to convey the brand message.
  • The key issues should be addressed in the first 10 pages and support so-called elevator read.
  • And above all, the annual reports design should reflect the organization.