Imtech Facts

Imtech is a technical services company, combining its core strengths in electrical engineering, ICT and mechanical engineering to provide integrated solutions to its 23,000 strong clientele.

Having celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2010, Imtech can trace the company foundations back to 1860 when companies that are now incorporated to Imtech, such as Rud. Otto Meyer and Van Rietschoten and Houwens, were established.

Imtech, as we now know it, was not established until 1993 when 35 engineering companies went through a merger, a process that also brought together the otherwise separate fields of electrical and mechanical engineering. Not long after, Imtech acquired an ICT company, further strengthening the company’s capability in delivering multidisciplinary services to its clients. From then on, Imtech experienced rapid growth, acquiring more companies in countries such as Germany, Ireland, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and Turkey.

To provide better and more focused services to its major markets, Imtech is now composed of four divisions: (1) Imtech Netherlands providing services to the industry and building market; (2) Imtech ICT working to integrate technology, telecommunications, and automated systems to a company’s work force; (3) Traffic and Imtech Infra responsible for traffic safety, public transport, and transport networks; and (4) Imtech Marine Group providing services to naval ships, passenger liners, and other marine vessels.

Currently, Imtech has dominant market positions in European Traffic and ICT. The company is also strong in the industry and building markets of the Netherlands, Germany, Eastern Europe, Sweden, Spain, and the UK. In terms of marine technology services, Imtech is considered to be one of the top 5 companies in the world. With these strong showings in its major markets, Imtech realizes annual revenue of at least 5.1 billion euro. Imtech’s great success and long history were especially recognized in 2011 when it was awarded the designation of “royal” status, leading to the renaming of the company as Royal Imtech.

Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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