What Everyone Ought to Know about KPN

KPN is a telecommunication brand whose purpose it is to empower consumers, provide convenience in the workplace and enhance the lifestyle of people. KPN is the leading company that deals with telecommunications and provides IT services in The Netherlands. The company is responsible in providing landline and wireless telephony in the whole country plus internet services. Communication is widely significant in societies today and that’s what KPN wants to address.The KPN Corporate Market (also known as Getronics) deals with global IT services. It also leads the Benelux market in the area of infrastructure and IT networks. KPN has also a subsidiary in Belgium, the BASE. The BASE is considered as the third largest mobile telephony supplier which also serves as a virtual mobile phone operator working under the name of Simyo and Ortel Mobile. Germany, on the other hand has also a KPN subsidiary company named E-Plus which is also considered as the third largest participant in that mobile telephony market.

KPN guarantees to deliver high quality products. They have separate brands that targets different market consumers. In The Netherlands, the consumers can select from several brands like KPN which is described as fixed and provides mobile telephony to families, Hi which provides mobile telephony to younger generation, Telfort which offers no-frills mobile telephony and internet connection, and lastly XS4ALL which is an innovating internet provider.

In countries like Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, their mobile telephone services are from Simyo which is a competitively priced SIM card and also they get their connections from Ay Yildiz which concentrates in the Turkish community. The Dutch and other international business companies rely on the brands KPN, XS4ALL, Getronics, Newtel, Gement and CSS  for their mobile and IT services.

KPN is a very successful brand. In December 21, 2009, it became the sole owner of the US based company iBasis. It continually flourished in the business and served 44.5 million customers as of December 31, 2011. It is an exceptional company that continually grows in business.

Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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