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List of … is a compilation of interesting facts related to featured companies. We curate essential information by combining various media with “dry” stats.

Every list is designed to help you understand the businesses in the most efficient manner.

Our lists combine less-known information on a variety of subjects with well designed media.

The main purpose of this site is to be inspirational and entertaining at the same time.


Biggest French Companies

64 of the biggest French companies are included in Forbes’ Global 2000 listing of the biggest publicly traded companies.  Altogether, these major listed French businesses are responsible for $2.86 trillion in earnings, $73 billion in profits, $11.7  trillion in assets, and $1.37 ...

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Largest British Companies

In total there are 80 largest British companies included in Forbes Global 2000 listing of publicly traded companies. In total, these most significant listed British companies account for $2.69 trillion in business earnings, $115 billion in profits, $13.9 trillion in ...

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Biggest Dutch Companies

25 Dutch listed companies are included in Forbes Global 2000 biggest publics companies. In total, these biggest listed Dutch companies now account for $1.13 trillion in revenues, $56 billion in profits and $3.03 trillion in assets and $773 billion in ...

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Largest American Companies

100 largest American companies are listed by Forbes on their annual Global  2000 biggest publicly traded companies list. Overall, these American companies generate a revenue of $6.55 trillion, report $607 billion in profits, $20.6 trillion in assets, and have a total ...

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Largest German Companies

50 largest German companies are included in the Forbes Global 2000 listing of public companies. Altogether, these leading listed German companies generate revenue of $2.08 trillion, demonstrate profits of $96 billion, have $7.63 trillion in assets, and represent a market ...

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Royal Dutch Companies

Have you ever wondered how come some Dutch companies carry the title Royal (Koninklijk) in (front of) their names? The Queen of The Netherlands can grant to associations, foundations and corporations the right to carry the title Royal. The designation Royal ...

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