NBTC-The ‘Holland’ marketing organization

Logo-NBTC-Holland-MarketingNBTC Holland Marketing is the organization responsible for branding and marketing the Netherlands nationally and internationally. Using the ‘Holland’ brand, NBTC puts the Netherlands on the map as an attractive destination for holidays, business meetings and conferences.

Europe, America and Asia

In total the NBTC Foundation employs approximately 70 people, including 30 at offices and Holland Alliances in other countries. Together with Holland partners, NBTC cultivates the countries and regions that generate the most visitors and highest spending for the Netherlands. Based on this concept NBTC is active in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, North America, Japan, China, Russia and Brazil.

Holland marketing strategy

In 2012 NBTC established a clear and recognisable brand identity for the Netherlands (nation branding). The identity centres on positioning the Netherlands as ‘The open-minded country’. The core values chosen for the tourism sector are welcoming, enterprising, inventive and colourful.

The Holland brand translates into appealing narratives and experiences (brand experiences) rooted in the DNA or identity of the Netherlands. The brand experiences bring together the interests of the target groups and the Dutch tourism offering. In turn the brand experiences reinforce the overall positioning of the Netherlands internationally. The brand experiences are:

• Holland Highlights (the well-known Dutch icons)

• Creative City

• Beach Life

• Holland Naturally

• Inspirational meeting

Cooperation & responsiveness

NBTC markets ‘Holland’ by means of a cooperation model that unites public and private partners. NBTC receives a government grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and works intensively with relevant parties within and outside the hospitality sector. This joint effort allows NBTC to secure visitors for and spending in the Netherlands. This is the common goal. At the same time, this approach enables the Netherlands to be more responsive in its marketing efforts.

Importance of tourism

Marketing the Netherlands as a destination contributes significantly to attracting tourists and business visitors to the country: in 2012 alone they numbered almost 11.7 million. This is important input into the Dutch economy. In its totality the hospitality sector represents an economic value of 37 billion euro and provides work and income for more than 400,000 people.

Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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