Truth About How Nuffic is promoting Dutch High Education

Nuffic is a non-profit organization that is focused on global cooperations concerning higher education. This independent organization is based at The Hague, Netherlands. It was established on January 11, 1952 initiated by institutions on higher education with the goal of benefiting educational cooperation in the Netherlands and abroad.

Today, Nuffic is working in cooperation with different Dutch government sectors and public and private organizations to govern academic cooperation programs. They aim to promote international education to students as well as academic staffs by granting scholarship programs. It is also part of their objectives to attract foreign students to study in the country. Nuffic strongly believes and promotes their motto, “Linking knowledge worldwide”. For its branding campaigns, Nuffic has a specific identifiable logo, ‘Study in Holland’, that pertains to Dutch higher education that helps uniquely identify it in their global promotion.

Nuffic works with various partners, two of the most notable are the Dutch Ministry Education, Culture & Science and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nuffic also has a lot of partners in several countries which includes ACA (Academic Cooperation Association), ASIE (Association for Studies in International Education), EAIE (European Association of International Education), ENIC-NARIC, EUA ( European University Association), NAFSA-Association of International Educators (USA) and Neth-ER (Netherlands House for Education and Research).

Nuffic employs 250 people to work on their objectives in linking knowledge worldwide. Majority of the employees work at their office at The Hague while the others work at the Nuffic Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nuffic NESOS) in different places worldwide. These offices are situated in places that are considered important for Dutch higher education. They are located in Vietnam, Taipei, China, Indonesia, India, Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, and Thailand. These countries were selected to make a diverse range in the study options. Nuffic also made an online database of international study program named the Studyfinder to provide convenience for students who wants to avail their programs.

Nuffic provides an interesting environment for their staff and emphasizes teamwork in their activities. They are focused in achieving their goals and objectives. They are certified in ISO 9001:2008 which ensures that they are systematic and their quality assurance outline is structured.

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Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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