What You Should Know about Remeha

Remeha is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating and hot water systems and services. It was established in 1935 by a Dutch entrepreneur named Gerard van Reekum.  It eventually became the leading company in its field in Europe. In the 1920’s van Reekum merchandized steel pipes and fittings in the heating industry under the name ‘Van Reekum Metaal Handel’. It was in this name that the current brand Remeha originates.

Through its positive business performance with their products and services, Remeha consequently built a solid reputation in Europe. Different sales offices were established in several locations such as Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium and the company also established new partnerships with other major economies.

The R&D department of Remeha is flourishing and their successful financial performance fostered their success in leading the emerging market of low carbon dioxide micro-Combined Heat and Power (CHP) products. Additionally, they are also into producing high efficiency boilers that are tailored to local markets. Currently, they are heading the growth of renewable energy technologies that will probably be crucial in tackling the effects of climate change.

In 2004 Remeha acquired a leading company in France, the producer of DeDietrich Thermique. The companies merged and developed into the DeDietrich-Remeha Group. In the same year Remeha also presented the lightest and most compact high-efficiency combi boiler to the world which was successfully known as the RemehaAvanta.

It was during 2009 that they decided to have a tactical growth in Europe and De Dietrich-Remeha and the UK-based Baxi Group joined forces to become BDR Thermea. This merger resulted in the world’s leading producer and distributor of innovative heating, hot water systems and other services.

In the following year, 2010, Remeha created the primary micro-CHP combi boiler in the world. It is intended for single family households. This innovative boiler, known as RemehaeVita generates heat, hot water and electricity of up to 1kW. The boiler facilitates a decrease in a home’s carbon dioxide emissions by± 1,000 kg every year, a very meaningful innovation that can improve the future.

It is the aim of Remeha to generate excellent and efficient energy heating systems. It is the company’s goal to innovate old technologies and continuously deal with renewable technologies like micro-CHP, solar energy, heat pumps and biomass.

Remeha successfully reached a turnover of almost €300 million in 2010. Its headquarter  is situated in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. It is also part of the BDR Thermea group.

Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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