Rijk Zwaan

Rjik Zwaan is an international independent organization that focuses on vegetable breeding. This company develops different varieties of high quality vegetables. They grow their vegetables for professional growers in food producing horticulture. They have 27 subsidiaries which center their objectives to product development and innovation.

Rjik Zwaan started in 1924 with the business of selling vegetable seeds. The company started to grow and became successful in producing different varieties of vegetables. They have sold vegetable seeds to more than 100 different countries worldwide. Currently, they are continuing their businesses in vegetable breeding and seed production for more than 80 years now.

The company has maintained its success in the industry due to its focus on research and innovation. They have developed different techniques that made their vegetable breeding more efficient. Rijk Zwaan continues to improve the quality of seeds they are producing and the company has made huge progression in producing disease resistant plants.

It is the vision of this company to acquire convenience, health and flavor from natural resources. This company believes in Mother Nature and respects the environment. They utilize CHP engines that do not contribute to polluting the environment but instead improve the condition of natural resources and utilize energy efficiently. The company carries on with their activities with minimal chemical consumption.

Rjik Zwaan is a company that is concerned with its people. They value their employees greatly and they cooperate with them. The employees in this company have a high participation in the business. The three families involved in this business handle 86% of the shares and the other 14% is handled by the employees as share certificates.

Rjik Zwaan is not only concerned with making money. They ensure that their businesses does not damage the environment, but instead improve the condition of natural resources. In addition, the company is concerned with research and innovation and shares their technology with others and inspires other growers to improve their performance.

Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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