The story of Arcadis, the global consultancy and engineering firm

Arcadis is the largest company in its field in Europe and globally holds a top 5 position. The company provides consultancy, engineering, design and management services in the sectors of infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. In 2013, this high-profile consultancy celebrated its 125th anniversary; the company was founded in the Netherlands in 1888.

logo-arcadisToday, Arcadis is operating globally and employs 22,000 people in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. The company’s client portfolio is very diverse and ranges across the public as well as the private sector and includes many Fortune 500 companies.

In the last 2 years Arcadis doubled their revenue from emerging markets and the company continues to grow both through mergers and organically. In 2012, revenues reached a record €2.5 billion which is 26% up, and the operating margin was 10%. These are results that many other global companies can envy.

Arcadis experts are solving some of the most challenging problems. Iconic project examples include the Millau Viaduct in France, the flood defenses around New Orleans in the United States and the work Arcadis is doing in cleaning up contaminated sites for both public and private sector clients around the globe.

Arcadis’ success stems from its strong client focus and its collaborative spirit which generates a lot of synergy throughout the company.

There are many amazing initiatives that are organized by Arcadis, just to mention: Being the Best, series of video clips highlighting iconic projects around the world. This series underlines the Arcadis ambition of being the absolute best in their profession.

Another interesting initiative are the Imagine… awards. In this contest employees are challenged to come up with innovative ideas. Because in Arcadis innovation is the motor for organic growth, it is important to encourage staff to find new ways of solving problems. 2013 was the fifth edition of the Imagine Awards, and the winner is Arcadis Cares, an innovative volunteer/charity program that uses social media to make charity drives easily transferable to partner companies. An initiative which very much aligns with Arcadis goal to contribute to the local communities where it does business.

The Lovinklaan Foundation has awarded the winning team with a prize of €25.000, which will be used to help incubate the idea and bring it to fruition. The Lovinklaan Foundation is the largest shareholder of Arcadis, owning almost twenty percent of all shares. The Foundation is governed by the staff of ARCADIS and supports the continuity of Arcadis and the development of its staff.

ARCADIS is listed on NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam.

Author: Bea Stanford

Bea Stanford is the founder of the Best Dutch Brands website.

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