The IR app: the best way to have and maintain an app for Investors Relations

Astanford started a partnership with the theIRapp LLC and presents this company’s unique product to listed corporations and companies in Holland and Belgium. The IR app is by far the most efficient way to launch and maintain an app for investors relations.

IR appThis IR app allows any company to have a native app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android telephones within three weeks, simply by providing the company stock ticker symbol and a high resolution image of its corporate logo. The IR app offers investors direct/real-time mobile access to essential company information.

The founder of Astanford, Bea Stanford, says, “We notice that smartphones and tablets are becoming the standard for valuable resources when international investors would like to obtain corporate and IR content. That is why mobile devices are becoming really important and an essential part of any company’s digital strategy. A very interesting aspect of the theIRapp solution is that operating the app is extremely easy and hassle-free. TheIRapp’s technology platform does not depend on a corporate website and it does not require the involvement of a company’s IT or web development department. Additionally, the CMS (content management system) is very easy to be used and it provides companies with the possibility to upload important and relevant investor information to their IRapp and immediately push it to their investors, regardless of where they might be in the world. We are very pleased to be the partner of theIRapp in the Netherlands and Belgium.”

Aссоrding tо XYO, thе арр search company, people in the Netherlands downloaded mоrе thаn 1.6 million apps during the lаѕt year, and in June alone, the Dutch downloaded 73 thousand apps.

TheIRapp founder Jeff Corbin said, “During the past months, theIRapp has been contacted by several companies and organizations from across the world who would like us to make our technology platform available to public and private organizations in their specific regions. From Brazil to Asia and the Middle East, companies start to realize that, because of the incredibly fast proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the world, having a native app on the App Store and Google Play has become a vital part of their communications strategy. We are very pleased to engage in this partnership with Astanford and are looking forward to making theIRapp available to companies and organization not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but in the rest of Europe as well.”

Check the website of theIRapp here and ask for the online demo, you will be surprised how easy you can manage your IR app.

Author: Jules Quaid

Jules is a researcher at Best Dutch Brands. Contact Jules if you have questions about Best Dutch Brands.

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